Who is Titan Wrap?

Titan Wrap is a shrink wrap specialist company. With over 30 years of combined experience, Titan Wrap has the knowledge and the industry partners to get your project finished on time, within budget, and in a safe manner.

Titans Wrap Solutions

Titan Wrap is a ‘one stop shop’ for all engineering, scaffold and shrink wrap needs. Titan Wrap was built to bring together the once often-convoluted, separateness of the shrink wrap and scaffold industry. Since our beginning we have built our business on honesty and integrity. Our open and honest communication has allowed us to build a great relationship with our clients, partners and subcontractors.

So how does it all work?


PLAN Once we have the clients Scope of Works we will manage the process from start to finish. Titan Wraps representative will sit down with the site manager/builder to work out the most convenient positioning of the scaffold with other trades and services in mind. From here, we will then engage the best scaffolders and engineers to plan the safest structure without compromising a functional working structure for all trades on site.

BUILD Titan Wrap will work alongside the scaffolders to produce the best water tight structure possible. Considerations are pitch, positioning and strength. Once the scaffold is complete we will meet with the engineer onsite to have the structure signed off.

SHRINK WRAP As soon as the engineer has signed off on the scaffold structure Titan Wrap will send its team to shrink wrap to the exact specifications.