Is Titan Wrap a Scaffolding Company?

No, what we do at Titan Wrap is manage the process from start to finish, erect to dismantle. After shrink wrapping for many years and working in closely with some of the best scaffolding companies and engineers in New Zealand, we bring them together with our team to assure that your site has the highest quality finish.

Why is this important?

The hard truth is that once the scaffold is wrapped, it becomes a massive multi-dimensional sail, at Titan we know exactly what steps are to be taken for the scaffold to take the extra wind loading once wrapped.

Scaffold positioning, shape and adequate fall along the roof span are just some of the considerations in building the best shrink wrap scaffold. This is to ensure strong wind gusts are deflected, minimising the chances of the wrap failing, leaving your project exposed to the elements.

Titan Wrap has never lost a shrink wrap project that we have managed.and we back our quality with our word. We guarantee the highest wind tolerance for any shrink wrap company.


A proper scaffolding project starts with expert engineering to ensure the scaffolding design and structure meets your needs and conforms to all the relevant safety and regulatory standards. Work crews need to access relevant areas to be able to do their jobs, and their support must be stable and secure. At Titan Wrap, we work closely with our engineers to help plan and design your scaffolding project. With our exceptional experience, we are able to better prepare and plan the scaffolding needed to complete your job.


Once the scaffolding has been engineered to our exacting specifications, Titan Wrap will work closely with the scaffolding teams, erecting the scaffolding at the job site quickly, efficiently, and above all else, safely. With the scaffolding in place, shrink wrapping becomes simple and easy. On completion, Titan Wrap will shrink wrap the scaffold structure. Once your project is completed Titan Wrap will remove and recycle the shrink wrap while working in closely with the scaffolders to dismantle and remove the scaffold safely, so you can get your job site up and running again as quickly as possible.