Majority of failed shrink wrap jobs are due to poor planning.  The hard truth is that once the scaffold is wrapped, it becomes a massive multi-dimensional sail. At Titan Wrap, we know exactly what steps are to be taken for the scaffold to take the extra wind loading. Scaffold positioning, shape and adequate fall along the roof span are just some of the considerations in building the best shrink wrap scaffold. This is to ensure strong wind gusts are deflected, minimising the chances of the wrap failing.


It’s easy for an engineer to say the scaffold must be built in a certain way. The problem is that what works on paper doesn’t always suit the site or the builders and trade staff who must work on and around the scaffold. Before we sit down with the engineers we need to know what the site managers/builders need from the scaffold. Where the bin will be located, what level(s) will most work be carried out on, loading bays and minimum working head height are just some of the considerations that need to be thought through before building the scaffold structure.



SCAFFOLD A proper scaffolding project requires expert engineering to ensure the scaffolding design and structure meets all the relevant safety and regulatory standards. Work crews need to access relevant areas to be able to do their jobs, and their support must be stable and secure. At Titan Wrap, we work closely with our engineers to help plan and design your scaffolding project. With our exceptional experience, we are able to better prepare and plan the scaffolding needed to complete your job with functionality and waterproofing in mind.



BUILD We will work closely with the scaffold company and team on site to deliver a premium structure, on time and most importantly in a safe manner.


SHRINK WRAP – The Titan Standard

Your project will be safe with us!

When shrink wrap jobs fail its normally due to poor planning and poor shrink wrapping more than the storms impact on the structure. Titan Wrap has never lost a shrink wrap project that we have managed. We back our quality by guaranteeing the highest wind tolerance of any shrink wrap company in New Zealand.

What to expect from Titan Wrap

When our team arrives on site we will meet with the site foreman and sign in. After site induction we will run our team through our SSSP (Site Specific Safety Plan) and JSA (Job Safety Analysis). As soon as the team are signed to the relevant safety forms, the team will move quickly and safely to get the job done.

We will not compromise on safety or quality, and our team will be the first on site and last to leave to provide with you with superior watertight structure.